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We cordially invite you to our film categories. They contain a large part of our work. Reports from events, music videos, commercials and other forms, including interviews.

Cameraman in the Netherlands. Polish cameraman in the Netherlands. Videoclips. Wedding reception. Wedding in the Netherlands. Communion. Communion in the Netherlands. Advertisement. Advertising in the Netherlands. Promo video. Promo video in the Netherlands.

Kadr zdjęciowy Filmy w Holandii

Reports from events

After movie and promo video

Kadr zdjęciowy Filmy w Holandii


Advertising and promotional films

Kadr zdjęciowy Filmy w Holandii


Weddings, communions, birthdays.

Kadr zdjęciowy Filmy w Holandii

Music Videos

Music films

Wynalazek gier wideo

We create films with passion and full commitment. 

All forms allowed.

Check out our works, we have divided them into several categories. 

Feel free to contact us.

How are films made in the Netherlands?

First contact

I'm here to answer all your questions and listen to your expectations for the film. Together we can determine what exactly you need and what type of video you would like to create. After our first contact, we begin the planning phase, exchanging ideas and creating a vision for the project. Together we set an approximate budget and date for the shooting day or days. We then move on to the production phase, where all our ideas and plans become reality during the shooting day. After collecting the materials, the waiting time for the finished product may range from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the project and our current assembly workload. We are flexible and open to your suggestions. Therefore, each client has the right to prepare two free lists of corrections, which we will be happy to implement in accordance with your suggestions and our mutual agreements. Additionally, during each project we also take photos that you will receive no longer than within a week of the event. If you have special requests, we can deliver photos within 24 hours or even faster for your special request. The number of photos depends on the intensity of the day and their actual demand. To sum up, this is our filmmaking process in the Netherlands in a nutshell. We are also happy to implement projects abroad.  We encourage you to start your film adventure with us. Thank you for choosing Look Arts Vision and we look forward to hearing from you! See you!"

That's how it's done!

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