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Movies in the Netherlands. What is this all about? Can you have your video? Prices.


Many people ask me if they can make a film in the Netherlands with our help. Of course, I always answer yes. Well, how else could it be? Each of you can have your own movie. What's more, anyone can start their adventure as a media presenter. Anyone can start their own series of documentaries, sports or any other films. As a producer of such content, I am prepared to implement many ideas of my current and future partners. I say "partners" because starting cooperation with a digital content producer is not just like going to a hairdresser or a car mechanic, where you stay for an hour or two and leave as a more or less satisfied customer. Creating a film, no matter what it is, always involves something more 🎬.

Before the shooting day, we go through a whole range of various consultations, during which we discuss the form of the film, its message, content and many other aspects. The shooting day itself involves close cooperation between the cinematographer, actors, extras, etc. Many trials and errors, from which the most interesting and best shots are later selected during the post-production process to be glued together, creating the form and content that was discussed earlier. In addition, there are corrections that often occur in various situations. Quite a lot of all this, isn't it? 😅

Fortunately, you have found a place and a guy who likes to do it, who does it with full commitment and for whom the most important thing is the satisfaction of the owner of the product that we produce to your order. Don't forget that every video is a product, or more precisely, a digital product. Such a product, if it has been properly implemented, its distribution is carried out with appropriate preparation, and the logos of advertisers, sponsors and partners displayed at the beginning, during or at the end of the film can fully finance this project for you, even generating profits that will go to to your bank account 💰.

How much does a movie like this cost? This cannot be clearly defined. There are MANY factors that influence the price of a film. Starting with the time of year (summer season is usually more expensive because demand is also high), the length of the video, the complexity of editing (for example, music videos require many careful cuts, which complicates and lengthens editing; in addition, all shots must be synchronized with the original track sound of the song for which the music video is being created). The number of shooting days also plays an important role in the price, because not always everything can be recorded in one day. Travel distance is the lowest cost, but you always have to keep it in mind. There will be other variables, for example theater productions, stage performances and the like, which often require renting additional equipment and employing additional staff, which of course involves costs 🎭.

However, there is no need to be frightened by this. At Look Arts Vision, we care about low prices and educate our clients, directing their thoughts towards looking for sponsors who will receive benefits for displaying the logo in their film or product placement, which will reduce the financial contribution to the production of the film, often allowing its owner to make it. earn a lot of money 💸. So consider whether you would like to start a film adventure. Think about what you like, what interests you and what you would like to convey to the world and your recipients 🎥.

I invite individuals and families with children. We all love photos, but beautiful, professional videos of walks with your children are the best souvenirs in which you can not only see your family, but also hear them 👨👩👧👦. Well, that's it for today's post. Please contact me for the first consultation if you want to create a beautiful film for yourself, your family or the whole world 😊.

Kind regards,

Łukasz Olszewski

Look Arts Vision

Movies in the Netherlands

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